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Profits go to Olly's Future

a suicide prevention charity 

A step-by-step guide to what to do on the day

1. Log into your channel using the button below slightly before your showtime on the day

2. At the end of one show / the start of another, the Channel Host will switch the sound feed and view. This will need to be done on time to keep on track.

3. Host will mute everyone but you.

4. Do your talk, demo, class, set or gig. Please allow a few minutes for Q+A at end (please state this at the start of your session)

5. Please, encourage the use of the chat function - if there are open questions at the end please reply even if the next person is talking (to round off the session)

6. Any questions on the day - use the what's app group or contact Adam

Channel host: Adam

14:00: Welcome to the festival

14:10: Olly's Future: How to support those in need and use creativity to support ourselves.
Olly’s Future is a charity working to prevent young suicide and promote wellbeing through the arts. Our mantra is sharing Love & Light. Join Ann and Rory, Chair and Vice-chair of Olly’s Future, who will be discussing our story and our work to date. We’ll be sharing tips from the training we’ve developed and discussing how we can all stay mentally resilient in this time of isolation.


14:30: The value of Menswork (with Pav Nikolov from Man with Purpose)

What are men's groups, and why we need that now more than ever?

Contact: @iampavnikolov

14:40: Responding to the Climate Emergency: Lessons from CV19 (with Alex Base)
A conversation on the climate and ecological emergency. And what our response to the CV19 crisis is showing us is possible.


15:00: Feel Better through Connecting with Nature (with Adrian Kowal)

How the science behind why nature connection works and a practical introduction to bring more Vitamin N into your life. 


15:20: Intro to the Erotic Blueprints™: Pleasure Wiring 101- (with Jamie Abrams)

Discover how your body is wired for pleasure learning how to reignite passion for yourself and lover(s)

Contact: / Insta @academyforintimacy / FB @academyforintimacy


15:40: Roleplay for lovers (with Master Peter)

Learn from a professional fantasy facilitator how to light up your lockdown with tips for creating fun, immersive + super hot roleplays. No acting experience needed!


16:00: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Emotional Support (with Lauren Wilkie)
Learn how essential oils work, how they can support your emotional wellbeing, and the emotional profiles of popular essential oils.
Contact: / @laurenewilkie


16:20: Reflexology (with Sheena from Bodytonic)

A brief introduction and demo to how Reflexology works and how our feet influence the whole body and mind. Download the Reflexology chart for the session



16:40: Hello skin! - How to create a mindful skincare routine and be your skins best friend (with Suzy Hacker)

Is your skin trying to tell you something? Learn how to read its messages, why I abandoned conventional skincare, and tips on how to create a conscious mindful skincare routine that your skin will LOVE you for.​
Contact: @soothemeskincare

17:00: Becoming the architect of your own life (with Jerry Hyde + Adrian Kowal)
Lockdown has pushed us into a Vision Quest by mistake. Learn about the native american practice and how useful it can be.
Contact: Jerry: @jerryhyde

Adrian: @wayofnatureuk


17:20: Managing your emotions (With Be Your Own Muse - Eleni Meraki & Andriana Aroni)

A step-by-step process to successfully navigate through your feelings and thrive in life.



17:40: Life coaching - Matthew - connection importance

Contact: @only_forward_coaching

18:00: Festival close + Thanks

Dinner prep

18.30: Communal wind-down dinner

Channel host: Bruna

14:00: See Channel 1

14:10: Kristen - Pilates introduction

Contact: @kmcpilates


14:30: 'More than a picture' Hatha yoga live from Thailand (with Sophie Vaxelaire)

Listen, connect and cherish this beautiful body of yours

Contact: @sophie_jiva

'More than a picture' video


15:00: Sacred Clowning with Zuma Puma

A session of playful movement, expression + connection exploring your inner clown (child self)

Contact: Clownlife on Facebook-

15:30: Breathwork (internal movement) - Lucy

A lesson on breathing? Novel right? In actual fact, most of us aren't actually using our full respiratory systems and on average only use about 33% of it. Over the past year, I've been diving deeper into the power of the breath and feel honoured to be able to share a couple of techniques with you. You can use to help chill out, fire up or manage some of those uncomfortable emotions that come up for us all. I've been totally blown away by the incredible impact of just simply changing the way you inhale and exhale for a few minutes & I can't wait to share some of this with you.

Contact: @lputtergill

16:00: Kickboxing for beginners (with Donna Torrance)
Ever thought about trying kickboxing? Learn the basics of this fun way of keeping fit and boosting confidence


16:30: Pilates live from California (with Vanessa - Worldwide Planksta)

Contact: @worldwide_planksta

17:00: Trap yoga live from California (with Jamel Randel)

Contact: @jamelrandall/


17:30: Movement Meditation (with Max Girardeau)
A 20 minute embodied meditation exploring our connection to the natural world through movement.


18:00: See Channel 1

Dinner prep

18.30: Communal wind-down dinner

Channel host: Rich

14:00: See Channel 1

14:10: Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville is the original morning dance party. The pioneers of sober morning raving, responsible for bringing conscious clubbing to the world stage.


15:00: Solo Acoustic Session (with Simon Garrard)

London singer-songwriter playing a lockdown session live from his living room

Contact: /

15:30: DJ set: Richard Batts aka 'Batts in the EcstAttic'

Hosting the music room throughout the afternoon
Contact: @ecstaticlifer

16:00: Gig: Pear Person's Aseptic Kisses Cyber Tour Continues
Pear Person is the instrumental project of Justin Sicile and his electric guitar
Contact: Youtube

16:30: DJ set: Richard Batts aka 'Batts in the EcstAttic'

Hosting the music room throughout the afternoon
Contact: @ecstaticlifer

17:00: Ecstatic Dance Session (with Batts in the EcstAttic)
Contact: @ecstaticlifer

18:00: See Channel 1

Dinner prep

18.30: Communal wind-down dinner

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