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Led by Plight Club's founder, Adam Slawson, profits from the clothing + coaching help fund activities to raise awareness of the power of vulnerability. They enable people to face and embrace their emotions and break the ice into deeper, more nourishing, conversations.

If you'd like to book him for your event please book a call slot below.

Man hugging woman in field at a festival
Personal freedom workshop cover.png

Unlock Life's Potential - Discover Personal Freedom talk / workshop


There are stages to becoming personally free: Liberate, Acceptance and Magnetism. This talk provides and overview of what's involved and enables people with a model to work with their emotions and a few tools and tips they can use to start feeling freer and transforming the lives. 

R.A.G.E (Radical Access to Greater Energy)


1 on 1 R.A.G.E sessions bring awareness to the “darker” human emotions by combining boxing + coaching. They provide space for people to face and embrace all of their humanity, talk about and physically release whatever it is that’s holding them back.

R.A.G.E workshops provide

a safe space for participants to trigger each other both physically and emotionally to notice (+ possibly release) whatever comes up and to learn more on why boundaries are so, so important to our energetic growth. TRIGGER WARNING!

Man punching a punchbag in a field at a festival
Anxiety Amnesty Wall or Anxiety Amnestree - thoughts about anxiety

Anxiety Amnesty Wall OR Anxiety Amnestree.

A bit of theatre that invites people to hand over and release to the universe anything they feel is holding them back. People can interact 24/7 at festivals simply by writing whatever they want on a card and placing on the wall or tree. On a quantum level, this actually changes things for the participant whether they realise it or not :)

Men's or mixed sharing circles.

Through Plight Club Adam has facilitated circles for 5 years. That experience combined with his coaching practice means he's well versed in holding space in groups and 1-2-1.


Feedback is a well-held, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere where people feel safe to open up (often more than they thought they might).


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Plight Club Talking station signpost

Plight Club Talking Stations

They do exactly what they say on the ‘tin’. Dotted around events (like bus stops) they signpost the importance of being vulnerable by talking about how you feel and break the ice into deeper conversations.

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