Connection Coaching works by enabling you to reconnect to your feelings and accept your thoughts. It gives you an opportunity to work with the things that are causing you discomfort at this time of your life in a way that turns them into opportunities for lasting learning, growth, and connection.

It differs from traditional therapy because it isn't clinical. The focus is on connecting the body + mind using mental + physical practices to empower a person with the tools to eventually not need a coach anymore because they learned how to act on, as opposed to react to, their emotions.

To say it changed my life is an understatement. That's why I trained myself in it - to help others feel the same...

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Learn to act on, as opposed to react to, your emotions + show up as who you want to be...


"I feel like I’m breaking away the rust. I highly recommend that people check this out."

What I can help with...

Relieving Anxiety + Stress

Expressing feelings: Anger, Fear, Apathy + Numbness

Breaking relationships patterns

Improving communication

Reducing overthinking

Finding more depth in your life

To be yourself takes the courage to look inwards and find who you really are. That's where I can help. 

I have a lot of personal experience with anxiety. I know the way out is through and by learning about the mind/body connection. By using a combination of integral coaching, philosophy, taoist principles, psychology and kickboxing I managed to free myself. I create containers for people to explore their feelings safely. Together we'll figure out and let go of whatever it is that's in your way.

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What you can expect...

Learn to embrace anxiety or any extreme emotion.


Rediscover trust in your instincts.

More authenticity - show up as your whole self.

More depth in your life.

Speak from your heart.

Find a sense of calm in your life.

More joy + playfulness with life.


Feel more connected to yourself, life, + others...

Get to know me a bit...

Have a read/watch/listen to see where i'm coming from.





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