Connection Coaching.

People wearing Plight Club help pay for coaching for those in need...

 What is it..?

Connection Coaching works integrally with your mind and body as one. It gives you an opportunity to work with the things you’re facing at this time of your life in a way that turns them into opportunities for lasting learning, growth, and connection.

 What's it good for..?

Feel at peace in your life

Learn not to fear anxiety or any extreme emotion.


Generate an inner knowing

Rediscover trust in your instincts.


Tune into your purpose + potential

Feel more connected to yourself, life, + others.

 What do clients say..?

"I feel like I’m breaking away the rust. I highly recommend that people check this out."


“Through doing this, I think it’s amazing to give yourself the ability to feel more fluid, open to change, and intuitive to making changes when you feel it’s needed. It’s completely life-changing.”


“We’ve massively opened a box. Like, it’s actually crazy. We’ve only had five sessions. It just sits with me so well.”



“I’ve done lots of different therapy and they’ve felt like hard work and unnatural. There’s something about Connection Coaching that feels really intuitive. It’s still challenging but in a way that feels safe. I’m so grateful for it.”


By wearing Plight Club you help others...

Profits from our clothing fund coaching for those in need.