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Plight Club started from a place of anxiety and not being able to show one’s true self. I've suffered from anxiety bouts for as long as I can remember but, at the start of 2019, one was so bad I lost a lot of weight, slept about 10 hours in a week, and even turned a grey colour! Something had to change.


The stigma around talking about feelings and mental health is sadly still massively at large. It's 2022 and being vulnerable is still seen as a weakness. Which is bollocks because showing up as who you are, warts and all, is one of the bravest things anyone can do. But perception is powerful so people fear to do it. However, until we can face, and take responsibility for, our own fears society won't change and ultimately, the 'them vs us' culture we've slipped into will remain.

The story of the club to date is one of experimentation. This led me to try coaching and start a support group. Coaching gave direction and a framework for my experimentation - more on that here. Mainly, I learned to move into anxiety rather than run from it. Learning to do that is tough but so worth it. However, it was from the support group the insight that started Plight Club was found.


Individually feeling trapped, a group of people found our way to each other and started talking, really talking. I noticed the energy created from being open, sharing how we felt, and supporting each other was palpable. I had this weird energetic reaction and I thought ‘I don't know what this is but the world needs more of it’.

I was already experimenting and then connected the dots - it's moving through the energetic (anxious) reaction by reaching out, accepting vulnerability, saying how you feel, and truly connecting that makes you feel alive. How could I do more of that? (it's addictive, in a very good way, once you start).

That's when my mission to change the face of vulnerability and help others fear less and connect more began. And that summarises what Plight Club is about - rebelling against staying the same, saying 'f*ck this' to that inner voice holding you back, and showing up as who you truly are...

Hope to see you in the club soon. Reach out on Instagram/email if you'd like a chat.

All the best,

Adam (Plight Club Founder)

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