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Emotionally Expressive Experiences

Our events are safe spaces for people to explore their emotions and learn to embrace the high that opening up and being vulnerable brings.



Welcome to EMOSHPIT - THE emotional release workout...

Join us for supportive group sharing circles followed by an hour of facilitated, hard, sweaty dancing and emotional release taking influence from Osho's dynamic meditation. 

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Primal Party


Primal Parties invite you to connect to your primal self, the self that you may deem unacceptable or that you may hide from a fear of rejection. ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME. We invite you to go deep into your inner world and share it with us all. Let’s witness you in your most authentic self and see you in your fullest. It’s a space in which to be seen and accepted in complete surrender. It’s a place to feel the energy of being vulnerable and being caught at the same time.

Men's or mixed sharing circles.

Release the lid on life's pressure cooker. Running for over 5 years Plight Club's sharing circles create space every two weeks for people to sit with their emotions and learn the tools and language to be able to express themselves constructively. 


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