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To reduce the "Them Vs Us" culture in the world by encouraging deeper conversations to redefine vulnerability...

Imagine if each beautifully unique person of the world felt empowered to express who they are, share their vulnerabilities and speak to each other to determine where we are similar instead of different.


If people can express their feelings constructively they can work through their fears, open their hearts and find their place in the world. People’s fears of rejection, difference and the unknown are causing a lot of problems at the moment. For society to change we need to empower individuals.


This begins by encouraging people to talk to each other and also enabling them with the tools to be able to express how they feel in turn, connect on a deeper level.

The plight of life is true for every single person. We are in this together. There's a long road ahead of us but a movement starts with one step (from a lot of people).

Show your support by wearing our gear and pushing through the feeling of vulnerability to start a conversation.


Help us bring people together...

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