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Making connection is all about trust. Trust comes via gaining confidence. Confidence comes through trying something despite the uncomfortable feeling of venturing into the unknown.

Plight Club is founded on the vulnerability/catch ring. It works in two ways:


Firstly, inside each individual. Learning to re-trust our emotional reactions - the wisdom of our bodies - and not let our thoughts talk us out of things. Essentially, to re-programme our head/body connection so that each time we feel vulnerable we don't run from it. We feel the fear and do it anyway. By putting our vulnerability on our chest, our clothing acts as a reminder to us each time there's an opportunity to push our comfort zones. Every time we stand strong and rebel through the uncomfortable feeling of being vulnerable our confidence builds.

Secondly, in society. Once we have an understanding, in turn, confidence of the 'vulnerability/catch ring' that's taking place inside us, our clothing also provides an opening for people to be vulnerable with us by breaking the ice of a conversation and for us to catch them - completing the circle. Each time a person says "I like your shirt" and a conversation unfolds bonds are formed, connection is made, and trust is built.

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