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Clothing that encourages freedom through vulnerability.

“In a divided world we need connection more than ever. Plight Club is a true embodiment of that.”

- Pav Nikolov, Bulgaria -


We are Plight Club.

Plight Club clothing starts nourishing conversations with ourselves and others. It is an invitation into a more free way of being.


There’s a deep wisdom in insecurity, aka vulnerability, it is the catalyst on the journey back to feeling free to be our authentic selves.


Join the growing freedom community by wearing Plight Club and help encourage the conversation around vulnerability being the courageous act, to be ourselves, that it is.


All of you is welcome...

Our mission is to reduce the "Them Vs Us" culture in the world.

Why our clothing + community is for you.

Plight Club clothing opens up nourishing conversations for you. When someone says, "I like your top" or "What's Plight Club?" (which they will) and you explain where it's from, plus what it stands for, you then have a deeper conversation. Talking about how we feel, the "good", "bad" and the "ugly", is the start of creating a reality in life that is true and authentically ours.

Your purchase is an investment in proactive suicide prevention too. 25% of our profits go to Olly's Future - a suicide awareness and prevention charity - and 25% enables Emotionally Expressive Experiences that encourage people to let go + be themselves.

Win. Win. Win.


Plight /plʌɪt/ noun: a difficult experience 

(like life is at times)


CLOTHING that literally starts people talking.

With your help we can make a stand for a world which supports the strength of being vulnerable and the openness it brings to society as a whole. 


The first rule is: you DO talk about it

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This is Plight Club clothing. Say hello. Ask me why I’m wearing it. Or not and continue reading this. Either way the message is the same. I’m wearing it because I want to make a difference in the world. I’m helping redefine vulnerability because until it's seen as something to aspire to the world won't change. Vulnerability feels unpleasant but it’s actually a positive feeling we need to embrace. It is the key to changing my life, your life, all of our lives. It’s a strength not a weakness and through it you’ll find peace in your own life and the ability to connect more deeply with others. That’s what I want more of in the world. That’s what I stand for. That’s why I’m wearing this item. Are you ready to talk to me now…?

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