Helping people connect more deeply


Plight Club exists to encourage vulnerability and help people connect more deeply.

Our clothing is designed to act as an icebreaker to inspire deeper conversations.


Our coaching empowers people to be able to act on, as opposed to react to, their emotions so you'll be able to express how you feel with confidence.


Why both? Because if we want society to change, we need to be inspired and empowered to talk to each other more openly.

50% of our profits help fund subsidised coaching...

Inspire conversations, meet people + make deeper connections with our...

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Empower and future proof yourself. Learn to act on, as opposed to react to, your emotions with our...

“The next level of self-expression. Plight Club instigates true connection through clothing.”


- Araminta Sheridan, UK -

The first rule is: you DO talk about it

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