Live deeper...

The first rule of Plight Club is: you DO talk about it.

If we continue on our present path we will find ourselves ever more isolated. This is not your average clothing - we stand for real change.

Profits go to helping businesses working in mental health and sustainability.

Connect more:

Wearing Plight Club starts conversations...

Join the community and put yourself out there, it helps others do the same.

The clothing is designed to provoke thought, break the ice, and encourage real connection.

Join us:

Rebel against staying the same.

Start a conversation. Enjoy the buzz of taking the risk and help build the community. A movement takes one step...


Wear Plight Club - the products help to start authentic and honest conversations.


Create a Plight Club ‘Talking Station’ in any existing space where people are and see what happens…


Use your social channels to help spread the word.

Mental health is not someone else's problem.

#plightclub  #vulnerebel

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