Fear less, connect more.

The first rule of Plight Club is: you DO talk about it.

We are a global community of connection.


Real change starts from within: We challenge our vulnerability to start conversations with ourselves and others. This pushes our comfort zones, moves us through our fears, and takes a step forward towards more open and honest connection.

Wearing the logo puts us out there to give and receive support. It acts as a reminder to remain open and to be proud of the effort it takes to make real change. Want to fear less and connect more? Join the club...

Profits from each product go to helping others.

Make change happen:


Start a conversation. Enjoy the buzz of taking the risk and help build the community. A movement takes one step...



Wear a Plight Club product - they make it easy to start authentic and honest conversations.



Create a Plight Club ‘Talking Station’ in any existing space where people are and see what happens…


Use your social channels to help spread the word.

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