Rebellion reimagined.

Be part of change.

“Plight Club is what the world needs right now.”

- @letsgetmentalking -

 Plight Club exists to inspire human connection...

The only way out is in.

Plight Club is built on the courage of people rebelling against the norm by talking about their vulnerabilities instead of hiding them.

The first rule is:

you DO talk about it.


As a club, our aim is to empower people to talk about how they feel so they can connect with themselves + others on a deeper level.

Connection builds community.


Through clothing + events, we are creating a global community driven by the desire to be there for each other + to make real change.

By wearing Plight Club you help others...

Profits from our clothing fund coaching for those in need.

 How + Why Plight Club works...


F*ck staying the same.

This is about making real change.

 Join the rebellion...

Official membership starts with an item of Plight Club clothing. You'll also receive emails with content to aid your journey, first access to our festival, and the option to join our men's/women's support groups.

Wear Plight Club > feel empowered > have deeper conversations > make real connection.


 Stay in touch...

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