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Business and society, like anxiety, aren't things. Anxiety is a symptom of an underlying emotion. Business is a symptom of people working together like society is a symptom of people living with each other. Therefore, it's us that need to do something to our current patterns of behaviour to make real, world change...

CONNECTION COMMUNITY exists to inspire + empower people to talk about how they feel + connect with others. This is encouraged through clothing, events, + spaces.

CONNECTION COACHING provides the tools, language, + techniques for people to be able to investigate their feelings + articulate what’s going on for them in a constructive way - enabling them to act rather than react to the plight of life’s journey. Email if you're interested to start your journey.

CONNECTION CONSULTANCY exists because, at this point in time, focusing only on economic growth is a waste of time. The planet is in trouble and humans aren’t communicating. Technology isn’t the disruptor to worry about anymore, mental health and climate change are. 


For conscious growth to last, there has to be clarity, passion, authenticity, and drive. Through the 3 C's of connection, Plight Club creates spaces for them to surface, then engages that energy to encourage real change.

Profits from both the community and the consultancy fund coaching for those in need.

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