“Connection Clothing is what the world needs right now.”

- @letsgetmentalking -

 Express your(true)self.

Welcome to the club:

Plight Club is built on people facing their fears + anxieties.

We exist to inspire + empower people to be able to talk about how they feel. Our aim is to connect the world on a deeper level.


To connect with others, we have to connect with ourselves.

Connection Clothing is a step onto that journey.

By joining the club, you'll also receive access to support content and The Great Connection Festival. Plus more as we grow...

Profits support businesses working in mental health.

Connection builds community.

How Connection Clothing works:

The first rule of Plight Club is: you DO talk about it. 

The clothing is designed to provoke thought + break the ice.

Wear Connection Clothing - feel empowered - have deeper conversations - make real connection.

How to make change:

Conversations are free. Start one. Enjoy the buzz of taking the risk and help build the community. A movement takes one step...


Rebel against staying the same - wear Plight Club - the products help to start authentic and honest conversations.


Create a Plight Club ‘Talking Station’ in any existing space where people are and see what happens…


Use your social channels to help spread the word.

Connection Builds Community

Shout out to all the players helping make real change. Together we are stronger...

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